Arjen Robben: Unhappy in West London?

It has recently been reported in the press that Arjen Robben is unhappy at Chelsea and will request a transfer in the off-season. His likely suitors include the team that bounced Chelsea from the Champion’s League: FC Barcelona, and Barcelona’s hated rivals Real Madrid.

Mourhinho responds to the Robben reports should be an interesting development. The Blues calling card is devotion to the club, teammates, and the common goal of Premiership and FA Cup glory. I wouldn’t be surprised at all, if the rumors are true, to see Damien Duff and Joe Cole start the West Ham game on the wings. Shaun Wright Phillips may even get a chance to redeem himself before season’s end, but most likely not in a game as pivotal as the match against the Hammers.

Personally, I think Robben is a terrific player. He tends to embellish at times, and his theatrics against Liverpool keeper Reina were ridiculous, but the Dutchman is an attacking force on the pitch. Duff seems to run in circles at times, and its very easy for him to disappear in big matches. Cole is indispensable and SWP is loaded with potential, but Robben is a key member of the Chelsea squad and can greatly influence the flow of play from the wing.

Lets see what happens against West Ham.

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