Chelsea Dominates, but more Controversy Ensues

For 45 minutes, it was back to the beginning of the season. Drogba mercilessly bombing through the City defense, Eidur making nifty runs, Lampard controlling midfield play – all the while Cole and Duff blazing down the sidelines, causing general discomfort to any attempt at a Manchester attacking run. Cap it off with a picture perfect goal by the Ivory Coast striker, cutting back to his left foot and bulging the old onion bag at the 30th minute. Chelsea was simply silencing their critics with a world class display of football. Dominance isn’t even the word to describe it. Granted, Manchester City is injury ridden, missing top players like America Captain Claudio Reyna, veteran striker Andy Cole, and maybe most importantly their young gun Joey Barton. But City are still a top flight team with quality in Sylvain Distan, Danny Mills, and David James in net.
But what would a Chelsea match be without controversy these days? Three minutes after putting the Blues ahead 1-nil, Drogba used a hand-ball to knock down an Asio Del Horno cross, and beat James to put Chelsea up 2.
City Captain Distan complained to the referee at the half for not noticing that Drogba guided the ball with his hand. Whatever he said to the ref sealed him a nice red booking. Distan, was the only man on the pitch at the time, the other players entering the locker rooms at the half. Imagine City manager Stuart Pierce’s surprise when his best player strolled into the locker room and said “I was just sent off!”
City fought valiantly in the second half and held Chelsea without a goal, but the damage had already been done. 2-0 Chelsea win, and a look ahead to their match with lowly Birmingham City this weekend.
The second half wasn’t void of controversy again, however. Drogba took a finger to the eye, and seemed as if he might have embellished the reaction. He riled around on the ground for a good three minutes before leaving the game for good. Maybe it hurt, and maybe his reaction was fitting to the blow. But reports came in later that Co-Captains John Terry and Frank Lampard, instead of praising Drogba for his two-goal performance, repremanded the striker for his antics. Not to mention, in a post game press conference, Drogba admitted to diving. He’d later recant his statements, and I cut him some slack because English is probalby his third language. This diving, however, can’t go on, and I’ll post on this issue later in the week.

Until then, lets get geared up for what will probably be Chelsea’s last match against Birmingham for a while…relegation looks imminent for the midlanders, and you won’t hear any complaints from me. They’ve looked like a pitiful doormat all year. Hopefully Chelsea don’t take them lightly and blow them out early. Arjen Robben will be back in action after a 4-match ban, and his quality at the wing will most likely propel our Blues to a big win.

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