A Quick Hooking and a Booking Leave Chelsea Looking Back at the Fast Closing Mancs

Before scouring your house for the nearest noose, lets try to put Chelsea’s first West London Derby loss in 26 years into perspective. To be sure, the recent exploits of William Gallas are a perfect metaphor for Mourinho’s Men. Gallas was the hero last week, burying a last minute match winner against Tottenham. This week? The Chelsea left back was sent off in the final seconds for a wreckless, frustration induced tackle. A paradigm shift. Yes, the frustration was caused by a suffocating Fulham defense, and no, it wasn’t just Gallas who looked confused at Craven Cottage on Sunday.

Are the papers right? Is Chelsea really in trouble? Considering his hand ball in the Derby, is Drogba really the cheater Bryan Robson painted him to be? Well, to a fraction of the degree to which the papers bend and blur these issues, some of it may be true. But this is Chelsea folks, and with success comes speculation. Chelsea players mob the referee at West Brom and receive a hefty fine, while Fulham players committ the same offense and get off clean. Think about it for a second. Craven Cottage on Sunday was as full as it’s ever been in it’s 110 year history. Chelsea has never lost in London under Mourinho – not one loss in a year and a half in the capitol city. Fulham, a respectable team with a string of horrendous league losses, was in a situation to do something special, and they did. Give them credit and take solace in the fact that our Blues team is so respected that the FFC online shop is already hawking DVDs celebrating the victory. It’s time to lick our wounds, refocus the squad, and move on to Wednesday. The Blues are still 12 points ahead of Man United in the Premiership and when we smack the Red Devils around in a few weeks, the championship will be all but locked up.

The possibility of an FA Cup and Premiership double is still within Chelsea’s grasp, and I guarantee they’ll be ready for Wednesday’s FA Cup tie with Newcastle. Chelsea enters this game with only two wins in its last 5 matches. They face a motivated Magpie squad that has played exponentially better since the departure of former manager Graham Souness. This is the very opponent that bounced Chelsea from the FA Cup last season. But even without Gallas and Arjen Robben, Chelsea revenge is on the horizon.

Yes, Lampard has been in a funk lately. And Mourinho yanked Joe Cole and SWP far too early from the Fulham game. It is my strong opinion that Joe Cole, of all the Chelsea players, is the most likely to make something out of nothing. While Lampard and Terry are the unquestionable leaders of this club, it is Joe Cole that provides the spark. He’s a creative force in the midfield, and there’s no reason he should’ve been picked on considering the great form he’s been in of late. That said, I have no problem with Mourinho being an absolute pain to the FA and other managers. Although he shoots himself in the foot from time to time, Jose’s comments serve mostly to direct the media away from his players and onto himself. It would be nice to see some grace out of him once in a while, but when you’re so used to winning, maybe it takes a while to learn how to lose with style.

Hopefully Mourinho’s education on defeat can take a hiatus until Chelsea secures both the FA Cup and the Premiership Titles. Until then, let’s hope for an inspired effort out of the boys in Blue against the Magpies.

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